Surveys about Aspects of Ritual Abuse

Listed are links to open surveys and to the results of past surveys. If you know of surveys which are not listed, please write

Open Surveys

We are conducting a series of surveys on the terminology that survivors use to describe various aspects of their opinion. Results will be posted here when the survey is complete. Note that you can only complete the survey once from the same computer.

1. The term used to describe the process in which a person is made to belive, think, or do something by a perpetrator or an abusive group. Click here to take survey

2. The term used for the days on which abuse routinely occured
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Past Surveys

1. The Extreme Abuse Surveys

In 2007, Thorsten Becker, Bettina Overkamp, Carol Rutz, and Wanda Karriker designed three surveys and posted them on the Internet. One was for survivors of extreme abuse, one for professionals working with survivors of extreme abuse, and one for caregivers of child survivors. The text of the three surveys, plus 110 pages of results, is posted on the website, along with references to articles and presentations concerning the data. The site is sponsored by S.P.ORG Consulting e.V in Lueneburg, Germany and is in German and English.

2. Men, Women, and Ritual Abuse

In July, 2003, Survivorship conducted a survey of its members to compare brothers and sisters of survivors across various parameters. The results were published in Volume 12 Number 1 of the Survivorship Journal.

3. Survivorship: Geographical Location of Abuse