Poetry by Tara

Strange Person

Strange child. Afraid of the neighbors.
The teachers. The strangers.
Running from kidnappers and monsters.
Asking what makes people die.

Strange youth. Cries from nowhere.
From everywhere. From who?
Yelling from without. Coming from within.
Must get away. Be loved or die.

Strange teen. A helpless child within.
A co-dependent. A friend to enemies.
Trapped in classes. Confined at work.
Can’t hold her down or she’ll die.

Strange adult. Abuse learned of too late.
Doctors were ignorant. Parents wrong.
Damage was done. A hundred times.
Stupid STUPID! She could have died!

Strange mind. Never a solid clue.
What did they do? WHAT did they DO?
The choking. The screaming. The flashes.
The fears. Relentless crying. Wanting to die.

Strange person. Smart but defeated.
Snuffed out by a reality
Incomprehensible and cruel.
Fighting for a life that died long ago.

A life that was murdered long ago

Don’t Hurt the Animals

I had a wild imagination.
I thought that the mean people
Would buy the animals
And hurt them.

I bought the animals instead.
I bought as many as I could keep.
I kept them safe all day.
I watched them all night.

Hamsters can cry.
Guinea pigs can choke.
Kittens can be smothered.
Just like people.

I saved them.
Every time I could.
But there were always more
For the mean people to hurt.