Safety Notice

If you are a survivor, please be careful in reading the information compiled here. It is impossible to give information on ritual abuse, and about people's opinions about ritual abuse, in a way that is not upsetting and/or triggering. Only you know how much is wise to read, and how much information you can absorb at one time.

Contact Us

You may contact us with questions about resources and we will do the best we can to assist you. You do not have to use your real name.

If you do write us, please make sure that your e-mail address is correct. Many times people, through anxiety, make mistakes and their message bounces. It's a good idea to copy your message and the e-address you gave and look it over later for possible mistakes.

We rely on the people who visit this site to send us resources that we have missed. We also welcome poems and essays on ritual abuse, mind control, and healing. Your input guarantees that this site will be useful to the whole community. Thank you!