Safety Notice

If you are a survivor, please be careful in reading the information compiled here. It is impossible to give information on ritual abuse, and about people's opinions about ritual abuse, in a way that is not upsetting and/or triggering. Only you know how much is wise to read, and how much information you can absorb at one time.

Ritual Abuse Survivor Accounts: Biographies and Poetry Books

Poetry Books

Anon. Behind these eyes. Young Women’s Centre Ltd, Scotland.
NOTE: A special collection of poems written by a young survivor which movingly captures her experiences from her own truly unique perspective.
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Anon. The living proof. Young Women’s Centre Ltd, Scotland.
NOTE: The poetry in this book was written by a group of survivors of ritual and organised abuse during a series of workshops designed to allow them to express their feelings via the writing, raising their self-esteem and lessening feelings of isolation.
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Goobie, Beth. (1994) Scars of light. NeWest: Edmonton, Canada.
NOTE:? Poetry by a survivor of pseudo-Christian ritual abuse, child prostitution and child pornography. Includes poems about her brother being forced to participate, about his suicide at age 16, and how she was able to finally forgive him.

Goobie, Kuhn, Judy, Ed. (2000) In cabin six: An anthology of poetry by male survivors of sexual abuse. Impact Publishing, Atascadero, CA.
NOTE: Probably the only anthology of poetry by male survivors.

LaBrier, deJoly. (1997) Diary of a survivor in art and poetry. Shadowood Publications.

Lieberman, Elizabeth. (2006) The Collective Mind: Poetry From My Multiple Personalities. Publish America, Frederick, MD.?See
NOTE: ?Poetry by a ritual abuse survivor. From the publisher: “A collection of poetry written by the many distinct personalities of one person, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was tortured by both her mother and father, who were members of a Satanic cult. Being so horrifically abused from as early as infancy caused the mind, still in early stages of personality development, to split into distinct alternate personalities. The core personality and alternate personalities are usually unaware of each other until the mind is strong enough to let the memories of abuse into the conscious mind. In the early 1990s, Elizabeth experienced her first flashback of her father raping her. Soon after, she had numerous memories of the sex she was forced to perform with her mother. Then there were the memories of the snakes and the spiders...those damn spiders, they were everywhere, on her, in her...and no amount of showers could get rid of those damn spiders. Anything could trigger a flashback. The smell of burning leaves in the fall brought back the cult members chanting around a fire with their black hoods and robes; cats crying in the middle of the night brought back memories of animals who were tortured needlessly. What you will read are the poems that alternate personalities wrote during the early years of intense therapy with Elizabeth’s therapist Rhonda. They will describe the external and internal torture of a child so very alone...yet not alone.”

Stardancer, L. J. Returning to herself. Available from Stardancer, P. O. Box 1284, Lakeport, CA 95453. $9.00.
NOTE: Poetry on healing from ritual abuse.

Wood, Wendy Ann (193) Triumph over darkness. Beyond Words Publishing, Hillsboro, OR.
NOTE: Poems and essays.
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Biographies and Autobiographies

Adams, Jeanne. (1999) Drawn swords: My victory over childhood ritual abuse. Mr. Light & Associates, Ogden, UT.
NOTE: An autobiographical account of healing from childhood ritual abuse as told by an adult woman and her dissociated alter part, Lil' Jeannie.

Bain, Donald. (1976) The control of Candy Jones. Playboy Press, Chicago, IL.
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreword by Herbert Speigel, M.D.: Introduction: Part 1: The marriage: The wedding night: The next day: A conscious recollection of childhood: The first tape: Conover('s) Girl: The setup: The triangle emerges: The office in Oakland: The "hatching" of Arlene: The early assignments: Oakland - The programming continues: Taught to hate: Viewing each other: The attack. Part 2: The missions: The return to Taiwan: The subject on display: Attempting to quit: The present, Appendix 1: The hypnotic induction profile. Appendix 2: Report to the President by the Commission on CIA activities within the United States.

Beckylane. (1995) Where the rivers join: A personal account of healing from ritual abuse. Press Gang, Vancouver, Canada.
NOTE: : A beautifully written account of managing present-day life, with emphasis on the loneliness.

Brown, Rebecca. (1986) He came to set the captives free. Chick Pub, Chino, CA and (1997) Whitaker House, New Kensington, PA.
NOTE: Story of a nurse's recruitment and escape from satanism. Christian viewpoint, with many scriptural suggestions for fighting satanism. From the publisher: "For seventeen years, Elaine served her master, Satan, with total commitment. Then she met Dr. Rebecca Brown, who served her master, Jesus Christ, with equal commitment. Elaine, one of the top witches in the U.S., clashed with Dr. Brown, who stood against her alone. In the titanic life-and-death struggle that followed, Dr. Brown nearly lost her life. Elaine, finding a power and love greater than anything Satan could give her, left Satan and totally committed her life to Jesus Christ."

Buchanan, Laura. (1994) Satan's child: A survivor tells her story to help others heal. CompCare, Minneapolis, MN.

Burke, Susie. (2010) Wholeness: My healing journey from ritual abuse. Authorhouse, Bloomington, IN.
TABLE OF CONTENTS: The Early Years - Uprooted - Dr Francisco Paoli - Memories - Help My Children - Body Memories - Eye to Eye with Francisco - Little Suzie - Living It - Is There Life Before Life? - Hard to Believe - Gladiators Past and Present - Roller Coaster - Golden Hands - Spiritual Eyes - Dressed for War - Zelda - Hell - The Brass Ring - Acknowledgements – Afterword
NOTE: From the Publisher: “Wholeness: My Healing Journey from Ritual Abuse is the courageous, unfathomable story of a woman's recovery from a decade of childhood satanic ritual abuse. The book provides hope and inspiration for the estimated hundreds of thousands of victims of such torture. For counselors and other psychology professionals, her journey offers techniques and approaches that should benefit other survivors. And for the general public, the story sheds light on the subjects of ritual abuse, as well as how the mind stores and can recover traumatic memories. Wholeness also demonstrates the undeniable power of repressed memory and disassociation. As a psychology doctoral student, Suzie Burke (pen name) studied how the mind can repress and wall off traumatic events for defensive purposes. The ability of the mind to hide traumatic memories deep within our unconscious mind in disassociated parts of ourselves is well documented with those who have survived early-age sexual abuse, torture and many other instances of severe psychological trauma. In her first-hand experience, Dr. Burke tells how the reality of her own childhood was hidden in her unconscious until events nearly three decades later provided triggers that could not be ignored. Her journey to wholeness was filled with incidents of re-living events which included body memories of physiological shock, choking and vomiting. The account goes beyond the psychological elements of her recovery. It is also a spiritual journey to wholeness in which she discovers that she is indeed a loving, compassionate woman.”
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Bryant, Doris and Kessler, Judy. (1996) Beyond integration: One multiple’s journey. W. W. Norton & Co., NY, NY.
NOTE: A therapist and her ritual abuse survivor client describe the course of therapy and describe integration and issues encountered post-integration. From the punblisher: "Beyond Integration describes the challenges a former multiple faces after "the family inside" - the inner personalities created during childhood to cope in a violently abusive world - integrates. This is the first book to deal with therapy beyond integration. It is also unique in its presentation, alternating between the voices of the therapist, Doris Bryant, and the former multiple/former client, Judy Kessler. In this way, two perspectives on the different phases of therapy following integration are given. The book begins with Kessler's childhood story and proceeds through the process of integration, the three stages of post-integration, the recovery of lost developmental stages, and the development of new patterns of coping with ongoing issues. Kessler's personal experiences are interwoven with Bryant's responses, observations, and comments. Their insights are extremely valuable and often enlightening."

Chase - The Troops for Truddi Chase. (1987) When rabbit howls. Dutton, NY, NY and 1990 Jove Books, NY, NY.
NOTE: The popularity of this books is attested to by the 232 reviews on Google Books. There is no preview, due to copyright issues. From the publisher: "When Truddi Chase began therapy she was already building a successful career, a marriage, and a family. But what she was seeking most were explanations for her extreme anxiety, mood swings, and periodic blackouts. What finally emerged from the four-year sessions was terrifying: Truddi Chase's mind and body were inhabited by the Troops--ninety-two individual voices that had rescued her from a shattering childhood of violent, ritualized sexual abuse by her stepfather that began when she was only two. For years the Troops created a world where she could hide from the pain, and be shielded from the truth. It was a world Truddi Chase didn't even know existed, until she and her therapist took a journey to where the nightmare began."

Cox, Cynthia M. (2010) The I in Me. AuthorHouse, Bloomington, IN.
NOTE: The author, born in 1976 in West Virginia, recounts her childhood of ritual abuse, the lifting of the amnesia and denial, and her healing process. She writes clearly and explains psychological terms in a way that is understandable to those who are not familiar with the after effects of severe childhood trauma.
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Crowley, Patricia. (1990) Not my child. Doubleday: NY, NY.
NOTE: A mother's account of discovering her daughter's ritual abuse in day care (Wee Care Nursery in suburban New Jersey) and the struggle to prosecute.

Daymore, Rosie. (2001) Blessed: reclaiming my life from the hidden horror of ritual abuse. Life Path Pub. House, Indianapolis, IN.

Einhorn, Lois, Ed. (2006) Forgiveness and child abuse: Would YOU forgive? Robert D. Reed, Bandon. OR.?Note: Lois Einhorn briefly describes the ritual abuse she endured as a child and then shares the fifty-three answers to the question, “Would you forgive?” Some of the people who responded are well known: Art Buchwald, Kurt Waldheim, Laura Davis, and Pete Seeger, for example. Jeanne Adams, Ellen Lacter, Rev. Bernie Bush, and Dale McCulley are active in the ritual abuse survivor community. All are articulate, thoughtful, and deeply human.
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Elliott, Jane and Crofts, Andrew. (2010) The little prisoner: How a childhood was stolen and a trust betrayed.  HarperElement, London, England.
Also available as an  eBook
NOTE: From the publisher: "Jane Elliott fell into the hands of her sadistic and brutal stepfather when she was 4 years old.... Kept a virtual prisoner in a fortress-like house and treated to daily and ritual abuse, Jane nonetheless managed to lose herself in a fantasy world which would keep her spirit alive. Equally as horrifying as the physical abuse Jane suffered were the mental games her tormentor played, getting his kicks from seeing Jane humiliated, confused, crushed and defeated at every turn. Her family and neighbourhood were all terrified of Jane's stepfather so no-one held out a rescuing hand." This book was on the best seller list.
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Feldman, Gail. C. (1993) Lessons in evil, lessons from the light: A true story of satanic abuse and spiritual healing. Crown Publishers, NY, NY.
NOTE:  A therapist's account, with many quotations from the survivor, of healing by an Afro-American survivor of satanic ritual abuse.

Francis, B. (2005) Magnus-Thor’rauna: High priest of Satan in South Africa: Phil Botha receives Christ as Lord. iUniverse, NY, NY.
NOTE: From the publisher: “Irrefutably the most riveting extraordinary and miraculous biography of the only Satanic High Priest in history to escape, receive Christ and boldly preach out against Satanism. .... You will feel God's love enfold you as Phil Botha tries to describe the majestic beauty and compassion of his new Master--Jesus Christ. You will rejoice when God saves him after seventeen years of fear, wickedness and cruelty and sets him gloriously free.”

French, Joel. (1991) The secret diary of a Satan worshipper. New Leaf Press, Green Forest, AZ.?NOTE: Christian biography.

Gosch, Noreen N. (2000) Why Johnny can't come home. Johnny Gosch Foundation, West Des Moines, IA.

Hayden, Torey L. (1991) Ghost girl: The true story of a child in peril and the teacher who saved her. Little, Brown, Boston, MA.
NOTE: A special education teacher recognizes ritual abuse in one of her students. From the publisher: "Jadie never spoke. She never laughed, or cried, or uttered any sound. Despite efforts to reach her, Jadie remained locked in her own troubled world--until one remarkable teacher persuaded her to break her self-imposed silence. Nothing in all of Torey Hayden's experience could have prepared her for the shock of what Jadie told her--a story too horrendous for Torey's professional colleagues to acknowledge. Yet a little girl was living in a nightmare, and Torey Hayden responded in the only way she knew how--with courage, compassion, and dedication--demonstrating once again the tremendous power of love and the relilience of the human spirit."
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Hersha, Cheryl, Hersha, Lynn, Griffis, Dale, and Schwartz, Ted. (2001) Secret weapons: Two sisters' terrifying true story of sex, spies and sabotage. New Horizons Press, Far Hills, NJ.
NOTE: Cheryl and Lynn Hersha tell how they were abused under MKULTRA, their assignments, and their escape from their programming.

Jadelinn.  (1997) Spirit alive, A woman's healing from cult ritual abuse. Women's Press, Toronto, Canada.
NOTE: From the publisher: “A clear and moving record of one woman's healing from cult and ritual abuse, Spirit Alive shares the process of healing through understanding of integration, demystifies the meaning of classical Multiple Personality Disorder, and counteracts mainstream sensationalizing of cult and ritual abuse. Releasing the pain and fear locked inside for years and learning to trust her ability to heal, Jadelinn remembers, copes, accepts, denies, rages, learns, feels, challenges, mourns. She reaches beyond survival, beyond a crowded internal passion of many voices. Through courage, honesty, and trust, she finds joy and compassion, and she declares her spirit alive. Spirit Alive is a much needed resource for survivors of cult and ritual abuse, for their children, relations, and friends, for therapists and other social workers, and for general readers.”

Johnson, Anne A. and Jacobson, Matt. (2008) Hell minus one: My story of deliverance from satanic ritual abuse and my journey to freedom. Transcript Bulletin, Tooele, UT.
NOTE: From Google Books "Hell Minus One is different from other previously published memoirs by victims of satanic ritual abuse. Instead of distressing, heart-breaking accounts without collaborative or corroborative evidence, Anne's parents confessed their atrocities - both in writing and verbally - to clergymen, and to detectives from the Utah Attorney General's Office. Anne's suppressed memories, which erupted when she was in her mid-30s, were fully substantiated by her mother and stepfather.... The steps Anne took to heal and forgive, and to commit herself to a new life of love and purpose, are inspirational and legendary. Her commitment to own and define her own life inspires readers to see their own challenges in a new light."
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Kilroy, Jim, and Stewart, Bob. (1990) Sacrifice: The tragic cult murder of Mark Kilroy in Matamoros: A father's determination to turn evil into good. Word Pub, Dallas, TX.

Knight, Robert Blackburn. (2002) A man’s recovery from traumatic childhood abuse: The insiders. Haworth Press, Binghamton, NY.
NOTE: The author, who is a therapist as well as a survivor, writes under a pseudonym. He traces the stages of his healing, from acceptance of sadistic abuse by both his parents, the discovery of sub-personalities, and the struggle to build a healthy life in the present.
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LaBrier, deJoly. (2009) All together now: A multiple’s story of hope and healing. Shadowood Publications, Mentone, AL.
NOTE: From the publisher: "All Together Now is a story of healing from Multiple Personality Disorder caused by ritual abuse, brain washing, sexual exploitation in a child sex ring, and alcoholism. This book pieces together into one beautiful quilt, a life of terror inside a Marine Corps family. A story of hope, this book gives practical detailed ways in which those dealing with trauma can heal. Explicit writings from the journals of deJoly's 60+ alter personalities kept throughout the healing process, reveal a hidden life of satanic ritual abuse, military programming, a military sex ring, and multiple personalities. deJoly brings together the pieces of herself with words, art and fabric creating a joyful quilt of life. Using meetings where the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are the foundation, art therapy, music, poetry, sewing and movement, deJoly believes healing can occur with a commitment to working for that vision of oneself."

Lorena, Jeanne Marie and Levy, Paula, eds. (1998) Breaking ritual silence: An anthology of ritual abuse survivors' stories. Trout and Sons, Gardnerville, NV.
NOTE: Available from

Lovelace, Linda and McGrady, Mike. (1980) Ordeal. Citadel Pres, NY, NY.
NOTE:  From the publisher: "Linda Lovelace became a household name in 1972, when Deep Throat--a film made for only $25,000--became the first pornographic movie ever to cross over to mainstream audiences, to the tune of $600 million and counting. Despite being the face that launched the film's phenomenal success, behind the scenes Linda was suffering unspeakable torture and abuse at the hands of her husband, Chuck Traynor, and she never earned a dollar from the film's huge success."
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Lovelace, Linda and McGrady, Mike. (1986.) Out of Bondage. L. Stuart, Secaucus, NJ.
NOTE: Linda Lovelace, who was forced to star in Deep Throat and did not receive compensation, wrote this autobiography before she died. Introduction by Gloria Steinem.
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Matthew, Laurie. Behind enemy lines. Young Women’s Centre, Dundee, England.
Available through the Violence Is Preventable Shop:
NOTE: Anthology of twenty-seven ritual abuse survivor stories.

Mauri. (2006) Reflections in the night: A survivor's story of total mind controlled slavery and torture. Booksurge, Charleston, SC.
Essays on child pornography and sex trafficking, mind control, secret societies, ritual abuse, psychiatric abuse, government programming, the Nazi UFO hoax, grey aliens and MKULTRA from the survivor's perspective.
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McKenna, Annie. (1999) Paperclip Dolls.
NOTE: Annie McKenna’s story about healing from being placed into a government program known to her as Project Monarch at birth by her father who was military intelligence. The book is her personal account as relayed through her journaling, supportive research, and other writings of exactly how her memories revealed themselves, their impact on her life, and how she was able to understand and gain control of her multiplicity.

McMoneagle, Joe. (1993) Mind trek: Exploring consciousness, time, and space through remote viewing. Hampton Roads Pub Co, Charlottesville, VA.
NOTE: Autobiography of one of the first military/CIA remote viewers. From the publisher: “Remote Viewing (RV) is the ability to perceive and describe detailed information about a remote place, person, or thing--regardless of the normal boundaries of time and space. For over 25 years it has represented the cutting edge of research into the powers of the mind. Mind Trek provides us with insight into new perceptions and realities and gives us an understanding of how to deal with the doubts and fears of the RV learning process. By showing the effects research has had on the author as a subject, it points to consciousness as the ultimate time-machine and the mind as the gateway to human creativity. It also establishes our own clear responsibility for the design of our future. This book also provides excellent guidelines for how to begin your own journey toward perfecting the art of Remote Viewing.”

Morehouse, David. (1996) Psychic warrior: Inside the CIA's Stargate program: The true story of a soldier's espionage and awakening. St. Martin's Press, NY, NY.
NOTE: A first-person account of the Pentagon's remote-viewing  project "Stargate." Morehouse was a whistleblower on the development of weaponry in this project. After numerous attempts on his life and a court-martial, he resigned from the military. After his Internet web site was blocked, Morehouse wrote this book. From the publisher: “David Morehouse, a highly decorated, third-generation army officer, special-operations infantryman, and one of the army's elite airborne ranger company commanders, was labeled "destined to wear stars" by his superiors. But a mission in a remote desert valley in the Kingdom of Jordan changed his life forever. Wounded by a stray machine-gun bullet, he began to have inexplicable visions and haunting nightmares. His experiences redirected his brilliant future and led to a series of frightening glimpses into another world. When Morehouse disclosed these occurrences to military authorities, they earmarked him for recruitment into Stargate, a top-secret clan of psychic spies backed by the Central Intelligence Agency. Psychic Warrior is the true story, told for the first time, of one man's journey into the CIA's most top-secret and successful psychic warfare operation. Soon after being recruited into Stargate, Morehouse realized that the government's eventual purpose was to take "remote viewing" into the realm of weaponry. Determined to prevent his gift from becoming an instrument of war, Morehouse embarked a campaign to blow the lid off the top-secret government program. The consequences to his family included numerous attempts on his life and the lives of his wife and children, as well as phone taps and alarming calls in the night, culminating in a court-martial that resulted in his resignation under duress. Yet Morehouse persevered in his quest to reveal the chilling lengths to which certain factions of the U.S. government will go to hide the truth. Psychic Warrior is a fascinating examination of the untapped power of the human subconscious and a moving story of one man's crusade to ensure that it is used for peace.”

O'Brien, Cathy and Mark Phillips, Mark. (1995) Trance formation of America:  The true life story of a CIA slave. Reality Marketing, Las Vegas, NV.
Also available as an e-book.
NOTE: Cathy O'Brien states she was a MKULTRA Presidential Model (e.g.: slave to presidents and other heads of state). If you have had these kinds of experiences, you might consider not reading Cathy's book until most of your memories have been independently recovered and documented. Good reference list and index.

Oke, Isaiah, and Wright, Joe. (1991) Blood Secrets: The true story of demon worship and ceremonial murder. Berkeley Publishing Group, NY, NY.
NOTE: A Nigerian describes his experience as a priest of traditional and perverted juju, from which Voodoo and Santeria are derived.

Olsen, Sarah E. (1997)  Becoming one: A story of triumph over MPD. Trilogy Books, Pasadena, CA.
NOTE: A first-person account of recovery from MPD. From the publisher: "Two little girls, the author and her sister, were routinely terrorized and assaulted over a period of years by a family friend. One grew up closed and withdrawn, the other angry and self-destructive. And, most painful of all, their common suffering resulted in estrangement from each other. Becoming One began as Olson's attempt to provide a written account of her memories for her sister as a possible means of reconciliation and family healing.... Through selected journal writings, letters, and transcripts of recorded therapy sessions, she highlights the role psychotherapy played in her recovery."

Reid, Gregory R. Nobody's angel: A true story of satanic ritual abuse, occult bondage and redemption. Youthfire Publications, El Paso, TX.
NOTE: (From the publisher) True account of a survivor of childhood satanic rituals and sexual abuse who became a teenage occultist before breaking away. Part one, "Forget", details childhood traumas, occult practices, and eventual extraction from the occult. Part two, "Remember", details recalling the past and recovering from the trauma. Christian viewpoint.
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Reid, Gregory R. Diary of a devil hunter: A ten year odyssey of a satanic crime investigator. Youthfire Publications, El Paso, TX and The American Focus on Satanic Crime: Vol. 28, American Focus Publishers, Edison, NJ.

Rich, Mary and Jose, Carol. (1996) Evil web: A true story of cult abuse and courage. Horizon Press, Far Hills, NJ. 
NOTE: This is Mary Rich's story of her involvement, along with her husband and children, with an abusive Christian-based cult.  It details the emotional and physical horrors of abuse, which they lived through, her own escape, her fight to find and reclaim her children, and the successful criminal prosecution against the cult leader, Ronald Larrinaga.  It can be triggering, especially for those who react to Biblical verses coupled with abuse, and mothers who do not, or cannot, protect their children from abusive religious authorities.  A short afterword on cults is provided by Robert T. Cross.

Richardson, Anna (1997) Double vision: A travelogue of recovery from ritual abuse. Trilogy Books, Pasadena, CA.
NOTE:  A first-person account of remembering and healing from severe trauma in a cult setting. From the publisher: "Double Vision is the story of a woman remembering the torture she suffered during childhood at the hands of an organized, secretive network of adults, and about her struggle not to become one of the abusers; it is about organized cruelty and the necessity of naming evil. And it is also about loving another woman, building a house and a garden, and the moments of connection that enabled her to endure. Interweaving current observations with excerpts from journals she kept during the three years when the forgotten incidents of ritual abuse were surfacing, the author explores the nature of remembering, the thawing of experiences the psyche had kept in deep freeze, and the processes by which experience is transformed into memory."

Rutz, Carol. (2001) A nation betrayed:  Secret cold war experiments performed on our children and other innocent people.  Fidelity Publishing, Grass Lake, MI.
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Preface Part I Mind Control Experiments on Children Prologue -  The Spoils of War -  A Star is Born -  Home Sweet Home -  Men Behind the Shadow Government - Training for the Agency -  Dr. Black - Conclusion -  MKULTRA Documents -  Part II Radiation, Biological and Chemical Experiments - Radiation Experiments -  Human Research at the Bomb Tests -  Flashblindness Experiments - Research On Protective Clothes  -  Human Radiation Experiments   -  Infants, Children and Pregnant Women  - The Iodine 131 Experiment in Alaska -  The Oregon and Washington Experiments  -  The Green Run  - Other -  Biological and Chemical Experiments - Sea Dumping of Chemical Weapons  - Human Testing -  The Incapacitant Program -  LSD Testing -  Biological Weapons and Testing -  Open Air Testing -  Army Contracts with Outside Agencies -  FOIA Requests  - Appeal to Lawmakers by MKULTRA Targeted Individuals - End Notes - Index

Ryder, D. (1992) Breaking the circle of ritual satanic abuse: Recognizing and recovering from the hidden trauma. CompCare Publishers, Minneapolis, MN.
NOTE A book on healing from ritual satanic abuse that combines current therapeutic approaches to post-trauma states with the 12-step philosophy of Survivors of Incest Anonymous.
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S., Joe. (1991) Out of hell again: Satanic ritual abuse and recovery. Available from: State of the Art Publishing, Carmel CA.
NOTE: Excerpts from the journal of a survivor who is helped by his Christian faith, therapy, and the Twelve Steps of ACOA.

Shurter, David. (2012) Rabbit hole: A Satanic abuse survivor's story. Consider It Creative, Omaha, NE.
NOTE: An  expose of the Franklin Credit Union scandal in Omaha, Nebraska by a man who was sexually and ritually as a child by the particpants.
Smith, Mary. (2003) Resistance: A ritual abuse survivor speaks out.  SAFE, Salisbury, CT.

Smith, Michelle, and Pazder, Larry. (1980) Michelle remembers. Pocket Books, NY, NY.
NOTE: While in therapy, a Canadian woman relives fourteen months of satanic childhood abuse. Catholic viewpoint. One of the first first-person accounts of ritual abuse.

Spencer, J. (1989) Suffer the child. Pocket Books, NY, NY.
NOTE: A readable account of satanic abuse that resulted in multiplicity.

Spencer, J. (1997) Satan's high priest: A true story. Pocket Books, NY, NY.
NOTE: Biography of a small-town high priest, his family, and his loss of power within and outside of the cult. Good descriptions of the psychological processes of each family member. A good introduction for those who are unfamiliar with ritual abuse.
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Stanfield, Lawrence W. (2005) Rachel.  Trafford Pub., Victoria, BC, Canada.
NOTE:  Rachel Is the name of an eight year old alter of a thirty-two year old client of Dr. Stanfield. The book is an account of her escape from her cult family and her journey into psychological health. Finally, Rachel, the book, is designed as a training manual and teaching-text for ministers, parents, professionals, teachers, counselors. Christian view point.
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Stardancer, L. J. Turtleboy and Jet the Wonderpup: A therapeutic comic for ritual abuse survivors. Available from Stardancer, P. O. Box 1284, Lakeport, CA 95453
NOTE: Comics on multiplicity, family life, therapy, and healing from ritual abuse.

Stratford, Lauren (1988) Satan's underground. Harvest House, Eugene, OR.
TABLE OF CONTENTS: A Little Girls Terror - Behind Closed Doors - Deeper Evils - The House of Victor - Basement of Death - Brainwashed and Broken - Halloween Night - Secret Pains - Turning Point - With Tender Love - Miracles Do Happen - Free at Last - A Letter to Victims - The Divine Prescription - The Big Picture - The Ritualistically Abused Child - The Adult Victim of Ritualistic  Involvement  - Still They Cry – Afterword
NOTE: First-person account of a woman's recruitment into satanism and escape. Christian viewpoint.
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Stratford, Lauren (1993). Stripped naked. Pelican: Gretna, LA.
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Branded - Hiding Inside the Mind - PART TWO: The Birthing of Baby - To Baby with Love - The Menagerie - The Wit and Wisdom of Baby - PART THREE: Mind Control - Cult Alters - David and the General - Winning the War - PART FOUR: The Macabre - The Devils Workshop - Fact or Fiction? - PART FIVE: The High Cost of Survival - Will We Survive? - The Final Word By Baby et al - I Whispered - Appendix  - Notes - Recommended Reading.
NOTE: Survivor's account of coming to terms with child prostitution and pornography, ritual abuse memories and multiple personality diagnosis. Christian viewpoint.
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Sullivan, Kathleen. Unshackled: A Survivor's Story of Mind Control. Dandelion Books, Tempe, AZ.      
NOTE: A non-fictional account of Kathleen Sullivan's experiences as part of a criminal network that includes Intelligence personnel, military personnel, doctors and mental health professionals contracted by the military and the CIA, criminal cult leaders and members, pedophiles, pornographers, drug dealers and Nazis. 
Excerpt at
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Taylor, Brice. (1999)  Thanks for the memories ... The truth has set me free! The memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's mind-controlled slave: Used as a presidential sex toy and personal 'mind-file' computer. Available from Brice Taylor Trust, P.O. Box 655, Landrum, SC 29356.

Thomas, Anna F. (2009) Fire and water: A safe journey through multiple personality disorder. Robert D. Reed POB 1992, Bandon, OR  97411.
NOTE: "A true account of discovery, validation, and healing from sexual and ritual abuse.  Anna Thomas writes her therapeutic memoir with deep insight from a Christian perspective about the emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological aspects of coping with multiple personality and the reality of ritual abuse. This book reads like a mystery novel with clues coming along a little at a time in an effort to solve the whole puzzle."

Weinstein, Harvey. (1988) A father, a son, and the CIA. James Lorimer, Toronto, Canada.
TABLE OF CONTENTS: The Nightmare  -The Canadian Al Jolson - Memories of the Beginning - When Al Jolson Lost His Voice - Becoming a Psychiatrist - Discovery - My Awakening - Ewen Cameron M D - The Experiment - Supply and Demand - Stitching the Pieces Together -Opportunities Lost - The Pain of a Physician - The Fight - Learning the Law - Psychiatry and Politics - Medical Ethics and Human Experimentation: Nuremberg, Montreal, and Now  - A Story With No End -  After word  -  The Settlement - Sources
NOTE: Dr. Weinstein's account of his father's abuse at the hands of Dr. Ewen Cameron, and the successful fight to win judgments against the Canadian government. This is the Canadian edition of Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of mind control. American Psychiatric Press, Washington, DC.
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Weinstein, Harvey M. (1990) Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of mind control. American Psychiatric Press, Washington, DC.
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Part 1: Loss -- The nightmare -- The Canadian and “Al Jolson” -- Memories of the beginning -- When “Al Jolson” lost his voice -- Becoming a psychiatrist -- Part 2: Discovery -- My awakening -- My father's doctor: Ewen Cameron, M.D. -- The experiment -- Supply and demand -- Stitching the pieces together -- The story of Jeanine Huard: Opportunities lost -- The story of Dr. Mary Morrow: The pain of a physician -- Part 3: The fight -- Learning the law -- Psychiatry and politics -- Medical ethics and human experimentation: Nuremberg, Montreal, and now -- A story with no end -- Part 4: The aftermath -- After word: The settlement -- Sources -- Index. 
NOTE: (from the jacket) “It was more than 20 years later that Dr. Weinstein realized what had actually happened to his father, while reading an article about secret mind-control projects funded by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). These research experiments had been conducted between 1957 and 1960 at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal under the direction of Dr. Ewen Cameron -- the same time period and place that Dr. Weinstein's father, Lou, was being treated for anxiety by the world-renowned psychiatrist. This program (really mind-control experiments) was funded by the CIA and the Canadian government, and was carried out by Dr. Ewen Cameron without the knowledge or informed consent of the patients or their families. Dr. Weinstein chronicles how he spent eight years fighting to help obtain justice for his father, who, along with eight other Canadians, was suing the CIA for negligence in its sponsorship of Cameron's experiments. That program included lengthy periods of multiple electroshocks, hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), prolonged sensory deprivation, forced sleep induced insulin comas, and psychic driving -- an attempt to alter behavior by forcing patients to listen to taped messages over and over again. Dr Weinstein describes his feelings of horror and helplessness while watching his father's health and personality be destroyed as he underwent Cameron's experimental protocol.”
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Zandstra, Ruth A. (2010) Am I alive? A memoir. CreateSpace, Lexington, KY.
NOTE: From the publisher: “In Am I Alive, Ruth Zandstra ruminates on her childhood, which was often centered around her father's involvement in a cult. It's a childhood that most readers will find, at times, unfathomable, yet along with bloodletting and animal sacrifice, the author recalls typically serene moments like picking blueberries at a nearby blueberry farm and quiet moments with her sister. As Zandstra searches for the truth of what remains of her earliest memories, no matter how ugly, hurtful, or painful, she offers a poignant account of surviving the cult lifestyle and inherently knowing something was amiss even though she'd never known any other life. From Federal Bureau of Investigation visits to being forced to kill her pet kitten when she was six years old, this autobiography is ultimately, if strangely, triumphant. By opening a meaningful, candid dialogue on satanic ritual abuse and dissociative identity disorder, Zandstra allows others a chance to make sense of their own past.”



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