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If you are a survivor, please be careful in reading the information compiled here. It is impossible to give information on ritual abuse, and about people's opinions about ritual abuse, in a way that is not upsetting and/or triggering. Only you know how much is wise to read, and how much information you can absorb at one time.

Ritual Abuse: History and Analysis

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NOTE: On the Process (called "the Power" by Bainbridge). The Process, an English group, incorporated on US soil in January 1968. This book contains chapters describing Charles Manson's link to the Process.

Blood, Linda Osborne. (1994) The new satanists. Warner: NY, NY
NOTE: Contains information about the history of Satanism, details of documented ritual abuse cases, and information about current Satanic groups and organizations. Also documents the arrest and investigation of Lt. Col. Aquino for his alleged rape and occult ritual abuse of children who attended the Army day-care center in Presidio, CA. There are descriptions of similar investigations into alleged ritual abuse at other military day-care centers.

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NOTE: A readable and complete scholarly history of numerology, the Cabala, alchemy, and satanism, with a clear explanation of satanic theology.

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NOTE: A summary of a honors thesis describing experiences of adult ritual abuse survivors.

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NOTE: Documents evidence of relationships between banking, covert military operations, drug smuggling, child prostitution, child pornography and allegations of ritual child abuse.

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NOTE: 1) Special issue of Journal of Child and Youth Care. 2) Includes bibliographical reference

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SUMMARY: At present the most common area for discussion about satanic cults is the reality of their existence; opinions vary from total acceptance to total disbelief. This chapter presents overview of the issues involved in this debate, a useful typology of the positions taken by experts in the fields, and a helpful integration of these seemingly divergent perspectives. Topics include: conceptual confusion in SCS (satanic cult survivor) reports; SCS productions as clinical data; the principle heuristic hypotheses; the nihilistic hypotheses; the apologist hypotheses.

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NOTE: Explores the evolution of backlash organizations , with reference to many well-known cases of child sexual abuse.

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NOTE: Account of a major ritual child abuse investigation in Canada.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: Events stimulating public concern -- Law enforcement findings -- Growing public awareness -- Reports from helping professionals -- Historical background -- Modern satanism -- Folk religions -- Prevalence -- Why do people get involved in satanism? -- Recruitment tactics -- Effects and signs of satanic involvement -- Teenagers forming cults -- How does satanic involvement affect people? -- What can families do? -- Educate yourself -- Communicate effectively -- Be patient and set a hierarchy of goals -- Exercise authority when appropriate -- Know when to seek professional help -- Suggestions for mental health professionals -- Working with deeply involved satanists -- Ritualistic abuse -- Adult survivors -- Legal issues -- Conclusions -- References -- Resource organizations.
SUMMARY: This report's perspective is that of the mental health professional. Our goals are to review the existing literature pertinent to satanism and to offer suggestions to parents and helping professionals concerned about people, especially youth, involved in satanism. This report provides a balanced overview of the problems posed by the recent upsurge of satanism and occult-related violence in the United States.

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NOTE: A study of occultism within the Nazi organization.

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NOTE: Small, concise booklet, often cited.

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NOTE: Analysis of a case in Hamilton, Ontario. Two children accused their parents of ritual abuse; the parents were tried and convicted.

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NOTE: A revised and expanded version of is now available. The book shows the reality of satanic ritual abuse, cult networking, exposes on a worldwide satanic cult, and information on clandestine government mind control experimentation. Cites cases where satanic ritual abuse victims' bodies have been found, ritual abuse convictions have been successful, and exposes official cover-ups.

Sakheim, D.K. (1992) Out of darkness: Exploring satanism and ritual abuse. Lexington Books/Macmillan: NY, NY
TABLE OF CONTENTS: The history of satanic religions -- Satanic beliefs and practices -- Alternative hypotheses regarding claims of satanic cult activity: A critical analysis -- Child forensic evaluation and claims of ritual abuse or satanic activity: A critical analysis -- A law-enforcement perspective on allegations of ritual abuse -- Psychological testing and ritual abuse -- Ritual abuse: The experiences of five families -- Constructivist self-development theory: A theoretical model of psychological adaptation to severe trauma -- Diagnosis and treatment of ritually abused children -- Recognition and treatment of survivors reporting ritual abuse -- Bound by the boundaries: Therapy issues in work with individuals exposed to severe trauma
SUMMARY: A balanced presentation of the phenomena of patients reporting satanic ritual abuse. The descriptions of satanic symbols and rituals is purposely vague and general so there won't be accusations of planting memories or contamination. Furthermore, therapists are cautioned about the use of leading questions. The book is intended as a guide for therapists who encounter clients reporting ritual abuse. Includes a history of satanic religions; a forensic guide to dealing with claims of ritual abuse; a theoretical model of psychological adaptation to severe trauma, and diagnosis and treatment of ritually abused children.

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NOTE: Documents contemporary cases of ritual child abuse in Europe, and presents an historical discussion of occult beliefs and practices.

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