Safety Notice

If you are a survivor, please be careful in reading the information compiled here. It is impossible to give information on ritual abuse, and about people's opinions about ritual abuse, in a way that is not upsetting and/or triggering. Only you know how much is wise to read, and how much information you can absorb at one time.

The Illuminati: How the Cult Programs People

by Svali

Note: First published in Suite 101. Chapters end in suggestions for dealing with the programming.

Chapter One: An Overview of the Illuminati
Hierarchy of the Illuminati: How the Illuminati make money: About the author: Equipment Frequently Used by Trainers (From Breaking the chain: Breaking free of cult programming)

Chapter Two: Jobs in the Illuminati  (or Why They Spend All That Time Training People)
Breeders, Prostitutes, Pornography, Media personnel, High Priest/Priestess, Trainers, Punishers, Trackers, Teachers, Couriers, Commanding officers, Behavioral scientists,

Chapter Three: Conspiracy Theory Two, Or The Illuminati Plan To Rule The World (also Known As "Novus Ordem Seclorum")

Chapter Four: How the Illuminati Program People: An Overview of Some Basic Types of Programming
Intentional programming: First step: to not need, Second step: to not want, Third step: to not wish, Fourth step: the survival of the fittest, Fifth step: the code of silence

Chapter Five: Colors, Metals and Jewel Programming

Chapter Six: Brain Wave Programming
Alpha: Beta: Gamma: Delta: Epsilon: Phi/Theta/Omega

Chapter Seven: Military Programming

Chapter Eight: CIA , Governmental, and Scholarship Programming

Chapter Nine: Programming Linked to Stories, Movies, Cartoons, or Role Play Dramatization

Chapter Ten: The Sixth Step of Discipline: Betrayal; Twinning, Internal Walls, Structures, Geometry
Internal structures: Temples:  Pyramids: Sun: Geometric figures: Training grids: Columns: Robots: Crystals: Mirrors: Carousels: Deck of cards: Black boxes: Mines, booby traps: Spider webs: Internal training rooms: Internal walls: Seals

Chapter Eleven: Suicidal Programming

Chapter Twelve: Preventing Re-accessing of the Survivor

Chapter Thirteen: Shell programming, Internal Councils, Human Experimentation, Function Codes

Chapter Fourteen: Spiritual Programming

Chapter Fifteen: Core splits, Denial programming, the last Five Steps of Discipline, Virtual Reality Programming


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