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If you are a survivor, please be careful in reading the information compiled here. It is impossible to give information on ritual abuse, and about people's opinions about ritual abuse, in a way that is not upsetting and/or triggering. Only you know how much is wise to read, and how much information you can absorb at one time.

Programming Using Colors

Note: The use of colors in programming can vary from person to person.

Colors. Lots of people have them but lots of people don't know that they have them. Often, people see a certain color when they "see" a certain alter. Sometimes their alters are in a certain colored room inside, sometimes they wear only certain colors of clothes.

Programmers use colors cuz that's what we kids know best. When we was *real* little we knew colors before we knew numbers, how to read words, etc. When they talked colors, we knew what they was talking about. Me, I'm pink. I'm Sarah.

When they program with colors, they create peoples like us but give each a color so that we know what our job is and who inside is our friends and who is not. Also, when they (outside people) want us to do something, they know which color of people to call out to do that job. Color programming is usually one of the first programming to be done and therefore is done all over the world and starts at a very young age. This also allows any cult around the world who may not know any of your people by name to call up a certain group or color to do a certain job, with few problems and few surprises.

I have found after talking to many many people that colors tend to mean the same thing around the world. This sounds foolish, if you ask me. Actually, sounds stupid for the so-called illuminated ones to not have a clue as to how easy it would be to figure out color systems from one survivor to the next if they were all the same as Jane Doe's down the street. I guess their main concern was that the programming would be interchangeable and accessible around the world.

Anyhow, here is what I know about the specific colors:


we are the little ones, innocent, what we were like before they did bad things to us. we like teddy bears, we cry a lot and we want our mommy and daddy cuz they were nice to us. they are not as bad as others in here thinks. we are shy and like to play but nobody wants to play with us cuz the body is big and we got to act like big peoples.


We are the ones that those bastards raped and did all of their sexual crap to. We were taught to be a witch. They (the blacks) made us think that we were superior and that we were in control, but found out later that those SOBs tricked us just so that they could get off on us.


We are the ones that perform lots of the rituals. We know details about the Illuminati. We are the boss. We do what Satan wants us to do because if we don't then we have to feel the pain instead of sending it on down to the other colors. We don't feel unless it's a punishment. We take our orders from the purples.


We don't have much to say to the insignificant bunch of nothings that exist in this body. We are ALWAYS in control and are basically invisible to the rest, besides blacks, and even they don't know who we are. We are superior. We are the mafia connection, the drug dealers, the politicians. We ARE superior. We got here through lots of pain, but you can't prove that to us because we don't believe it because we are too high up to experience this. WE are the Illuminated ones. We only take our orders from the council members inside. The GOLD council. One of us is on the Gold Council. We give orders throughout the system when nobody even realizes that we've given an order. We tell the body if they need to cut or die. It won't hurt us. They deserve it. If the body dies, we won't because we are far superior to those below us, therefore, are not part of them. We will live on, or that is what we were taught. We are learning different though.


We protect. Some of us (light blues) protect the body and are on the light side (sorry if the use of "light" upsets anyone, that's just how we know each other inside). The dark blues tend to protect the cult.


WARNING! We give out the warning when something bad is about to happen, such as being accessed, recognizing a abuser, systems inside being flipped or spun, etc. Some of us work for the body and some of us work for the cult.


We are spiritual and for us we believe in the True Lord Jesus Christ of Nazereth. We help send the light angels to help in certain situations and remind the body that Jesus is here to help us. We get a lot of heat from the blacks, purples, reds, and those who are mad that God didn't do anything to help.


We were the ones that represent the family, generations, etc. We also have been the ones to get most of the pain and abuse that happened at home. Cult crap that was carried on in the home. All of our family members inside have at least one green representation here. This is where access by family members takes place because some of us are still loyal to our families.


Like a shell. Other colors can wear our body so we become whatever color the cult/programming wants us to. A very dangerous color to be since anyone can step in and take control.


Ones in disguise, that's all.


We are the spiritual bodies. The ones who know the paranormal. We can astral project, communicate with other people's silvers, etc.


We talk mostly to the purples. Until the higher systems (platinum) are reached, we are in control. Our main job is to make sure that nobody reaches the platinums or the Seven Seals inside. We are doomed if we do that. We will get the pain and the torture if we don't do our jobs. We are the organizers, the administrators, the judges, the boss. We are the perfectionists because if it isn't done perfectly, we are the ones to suffer. We are learning that we are the ones who have been hurt the worst (besides platinums but they don't think they were hurt either). We are at the top of the pyramid unless we decide to flip it. The Eye is part of us too.


We are the ones who are in denial and think we are suffering from FMS. We are the ones who, in the beginning, led the every-day-lives . The body would not have survived if they knew and believed all of the things that happened. We can be dangerous when we think that we must die because we are so bad of a person for making such horrible things up about our family. We think we deserve to die.


The ultimate. NO ONE is more superior than we. We remain hidden until you find us, then beware. Things will never be the same. You must die before you can see the Seals. X found us, though, and helped us to see how we were hurt and how we, even WE, were tricked. Some of us still do not believe this though. Some of us stepped aside and let her (X) get to the Seals. Ouch! Almost didn't make it, still might not because that's where she's stuck. Not all of the Illuminated ones have Platinum. This must be earned generationally. Lots of power and control here.

I am sure I forgot some colors, but I need to stop cuz the little ones are ascared. We will probably pay for this, but maybe not. We want the WHOLE world to know what we know in case it might help just one person.

Another thing, why we are alive is because they know that we know and that we have told lots of people their names, addresses, and people in THEIR heads, so if something happens to us it will be major chaos. Plus we are not afraid of dying and they know that too. Dying, most of us would really like to and would welcome it in a moment. Peace. We hope this helps.

copyright 1995 -- all of us


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