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If you are a survivor, please be careful in reading the information compiled here. It is impossible to give information on ritual abuse, and about people's opinions about ritual abuse, in a way that is not upsetting and/or triggering. Only you know how much is wise to read, and how much information you can absorb at one time.

Blogs by Survivors of Ritual Abuse and Blogs with RA/MC Resources

Survivor Blogs

A Survivor's Thoughts on Life.  A Christian who  lived through ritual abuse writes "At my core, I am a person…not a disorder…not an experience."
She also has a poetry blog
and an art blog

Blooming Lotus - Faith's journey of recovery from ritual abuse.

Buntstreifenkatzen. (Little striped cats.) A German ritual abuse survivor imagines herselves as cats exploring the new, non-cult world.

Cherish Freedom - My Healing Journey From Mormon Ritual Abuse To Freedom.

City of Angels - Ongoing coverage of the pedophile priest epidemic in the Catholic Church.

Coloring outside the Lines - A Christian blog on recovery from ritual abuse and mind control. Creative use of Polyvore collages.

Democratizeourknowledge' Blog - Mind Control and Deliberate Dissociation.

Daffodil Rites - A ritual abuse survivor and single mother's diary of trauma recovery and dissociation.

Delightfully Scattered Thoughts. A Wiccan survivor of Satanic ritual abuse, raised in England, now living in the US.

dialoguesinrealism. Essays and poetry about life after the cult.

Dissociation Blog Showcase.  A list of about 150 blogs on dissociation.

Grace Uncensored. Essays on child abuse, healing, recovery from both sides of therapy, the big picture of organized pedophilia, and anything else related, by a ritual abuse and mind control survivor.
Other blogs by Grace
The Dirtiest Secret Behind Child Abuse.
The Art Journey of Grace.
Know Dissociation.
Understanding & Healing From Designer Dissociation.
Believe the Children.

Grenzgänger: Vielfältiges Schreiben- Geschriebenes Vielfältiges (Pioneers: Diverse Writings, Diverse Pioneers.) A German survivor's blog with essays, collages, and photos. (In German)

Hopeful Tears in Broken Places - A survivor of ritual abuse and government mind control.

Kate is Rising. Hundreds of resources on all aspects of healing from ritual abuse.

Many of us: Living with multiplicity, and all that goes with that. By an Irish woman who was satanically abused in a boarding school for the blind.

Memoir of a Redemptive Life - Rosie shares how she lived through ritual abuse and came out the other side.   

Mind Parts. Paul, who was abused throughout childhood by a priest, writes articulately and deeply. He also shares his music and  the Expressive Arts Carnival, a collection of themed drawing by contributors.

More Than An Idea.  Trish Fotheringham's blog with excerpts from interviews.

My Clouds, My Storms, and Multiple Personality Disorder - By a survivor of Satanic ritual abuse.

Parrallelwelten der Mosaiksteinchen.(Parallel worlds of tesserae.) "The life cycle consists of many small and different stones. Only at the end can you see her pattern."  by a German survivor of intergenerational Satanic ritual abuse. (In German)

Refractory Ramblings from the Darkside. Powerful writing from a survivor of Satanic ritual abuse. Check out the poetry.

Ritual Abuse. Jean Riseman's blog: Essays, poems and artwork, plus ritual calendar, coming events.

Blogg för Erik Rodenborg. By a male Swedish survivor of ritual abuse.
He also has a personal blog at

Stones and Sticks and Words. A male ritual abuse survivor blogs about activism for indigenous peoples’ rights, grassroots organizing, and healing from Satanic ritual abuse.

Surviving Out Loud ~ My journey towards healing.  "Out of my hopelessness comes beautiful growth."

The Paradigm Salon. A high-functioning MK-ULTRA survivor's blog about her healing jouney. . See especially

Thoughts from J8. A Christian DID survivor of ritual abuse writes wonderfully about the dynamics of abuse and healing. She’s the author of “Dear Little Ones.”

You Can Fly with Broken Wings - Diary  of a Christian RA survivor.

Voice from the Desert - Supporting survivors of clergy sexual abuse and examining the cover up, causes, and effects of that abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

We Are Many Lights - We were Children of the Illuminati/Cult/Mind Control Programming you have heard about, and we are here.

Blogs with Information, News, and Resources

Donde vamos? French blog with news items and essays from around the world, mostly about pedophilia, but with many ritual abuse entires.   

Extreme Abuse Survey's Weblog. The final results of the international surveys with over 750 pages of data and  analysis. Also general information on ritual abuse and multiplicity.

Higher Insight.  A British care worker saves a child from MK ULTRA programming. Contains a section on deprogramming.

The Menawa Report
has videos and essays on mind control, occultic abuse, ritual abuse, the Illuminati, and more.

Pandora's Showcase. A German blog with much information on ritual abuse, including a detailed ritual calendar.

Ritual Abuse Articles - Many articles and links from SMART's newsletter.

Ritual Abuse Info - News and articles on ritual abuse and child abuse.

Satanic Ritual Abuse and "Multiple Personality Syndrome." About the Illuminati and ritual abuse in the Mormon Church.

Stop Mind Control. Inspiring blog of a German survivor of Stasi mind control. Much information. In german and English.

Surviving Ritual Abuse at Australia. David Free's blog with extensive information about ritual abuse, programming, and resources in Australia.

Targeted Individuals: Freedom of thoughts, beliefs, opinions, expressions.  Cases, books, links, videos, resources.

Third of a Lifetime: curated PTSD resources by Sarah E. Olsen.

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