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If you are a survivor, please be careful in reading the information compiled here. It is impossible to give information on ritual abuse, and about people's opinions about ritual abuse, in a way that is not upsetting and/or triggering. Only you know how much is wise to read, and how much information you can absorb at one time.


A Woman in Pain the pages of your pain
pass between us
I can see with better understanding
the mountains of grief
which have weighted down
your shoulders
or keep your arms filled with agony
because they fear
reaching out
or withdraw from hands
reaching out to yours
I can hear
your whispered cries
of confusion

and the assortment of quiet questions
which bind your heart
with anger
while your lips remained sealed in silence
I can feel your protective loneliness
and the guardians of doubt
that terrorize your hopes
of letting it go
and I can sense the awesome weariness
of thoughts entangled by self-contempt
or your body
in search of its own acceptance

yet beyond all this
beyond the staggering loss and emptiness
which may claim you
as a personal friend
you have not forsaken
your desire to be healed
or to extinguish
those nagging voices of inner despair
you have not given up on
making peace with your body
or rescuing your dignity
from layers of borrowed shame
you have not allowed humiliation to defeat you
even when your strength seems fragile
or your mind
walks on the edge of self-destruction
and for this
and so much more
my compassion reaches out to you
and if I could change
the interior of your pain
or mend the wounds that adorn your soul
I would

I would start by asking you
to close your eyes
and at the same time
allow your breathing
to slow itself down
and from there
I would ask you to imagine
that you are quietly resting
in a garden of peace
a garden
where the sun softly touches
and soothes your skin
while a gentle breeze
nudges against your face
and brings a fresh supply of love
into your mind
for where love is allowed to live
fear must gather its belongings
and leave

and love
like an artist with a caring brush
will paint hope
on the face of your darkest hours...

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