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If you are a survivor, please be careful in reading the information compiled here. It is impossible to give information on ritual abuse, and about people's opinions about ritual abuse, in a way that is not upsetting and/or triggering. Only you know how much is wise to read, and how much information you can absorb at one time.

Denford Owens

I Just Wanted

She lay upon an altar
Black robes gathered round
Her body stretched in shining light
Her feet and arms were bound
I gasped at her with head held tight
By hands pressed on either cheek
Nor could I close my eyes at all
As I heard the High Priest speak:
Oh, Father, Satan, whom we adore
Who rules the night upon this shore
We offer this sacrifice to you
A virgin pure and shining new
As we drink her blood tonight
And partake her body with much delight
Give us might and power too
That we may rule this world with you…
Mesmerizing pain assured
I saw them defile her while she endured
And when they had finished their evil deed
They turned to me to fill their need
I flicked my eyes from one to one
And saw in them a new lust begun
At last I turned to the altar wanton
And to the body that lay thereon
Whimpering and moaning was what I heard
From the maiden who lay there without a word
I watched as a black robe raised a spear
To penetrate the throat of the maiden dear
One by one the black robes came
Stone mugs they filled with the same
When all had drunk of her life's source
Blood running down their cheeks, of course
The light went out of their eyes that night
I was granted one more daylight
One more night the sleep of death
One more try to free myself
The monthly rituals came and went
I hardened to the nights I spent
Had I known then what awaited me
I would've cut my throat and let me bleed
Let them drink blood dried by light
Let them drink it every night
When all then is said and done
That was how my life begun

My daddy loves me . . .

There was a creaking of the door,
    The turning of the knob,
A face appeared around the corner,
    And I begin to sob.
I pulled the cover way up high
    In hopes he would not see
That tonight I was again alone,
    While he made his love to me.
I felt the creak of the bed
    As he pulled the covers down
He whispered softly to me
    Words that made no sound.
He placed his hand upon my face
    And pushed my hair away
His hands moved to my shoulders
    As if to make me stay.
I felt them slide down my body
    To breast that were yet to be
And pressed gently on the nipples
    A quiet torture for me.
I begged for him to stop
    And pushed his hands away
I turned my face from him
    But still I heard him say
I love you my little one,
    Let me show you how
You are my little love child
    And I will take you now.
His hands slid down my body
    To caress my thighs and between
Then he pulled the gown up high
    Exposing what was to be seen.
He kissed my little nipples
    While I felt his hand between my legs
I could hear his breathing quicken
    And I softly begin to beg.
His hand slid around my panty line
    And pulled my buttocks up
Not so gently he pulled them down
    While he prepared me to fuck.
He stared at my body
    So nubile and so young
His mouth began to water
    With cravings very strong.
He stood to take his shirt off,
    His pants and boxers, too.
He stroked his penis toward my mouth
    And told me to chew.
Hard and long, big and red,
    It was dripping with his cum;
He stared at me with evil glee,
    While he held his thing with finger and thumb.
He jerked out just as quickly
    And told me my legs to splay,
Then he crawled in between them
    And began to lick away.
I knew not what he was doing,
    No, nor what his purpose was,
But I felt his tongue inside of me
    And I began to cuss.
He had no right to do this,
    Nor make me feel this way,
So I cursed him with every thought I had,
    With words I could not say.
He raised his face toward mine,
    With a smirky, satisfied grin,
And told me to spread my legs some more,
    For he was fixing to come in.
I felt the pain as he jabbed at me,
    And missed my tiny hole
I screamed aloud but much too late,
    For he had taken my very soul.
I felt the searing pain that night
    As he entered in
I felt the blood dripping down
    From the rips and tears of his sin.
I’ll ne’er forget that first night,
    Nor the blood he did spill
I doubt that he could love me,
    Or that he ever will.
I lay upon my bed
    Tiny body in a ball
Crying tears of hate and shame
    And started building-up a wall
My little dolls could not comfort me
    Nor the pillows dry my tears.
There’s been no one to tell my story to
    None throughout all my years;
But maybe you will read these words of mine
    And find comfort in another’s fears.


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