Safety Notice

If you are a survivor, please be careful in reading the information compiled here. It is impossible to give information on ritual abuse, and about people's opinions about ritual abuse, in a way that is not upsetting and/or triggering. Only you know how much is wise to read, and how much information you can absorb at one time.



(© 11.28.98)

they’re killing all my angels
killing me softly,
my eyes wide in disbelief
or terror.
i thought i saw them
in the trees or wind
deep blue skies carrying
their weightless flight.
no god or guardian angel
could have saved
tiny baby
chubby hands
fingers and toes wriggling,
my eyes wide in disbelief.

i was simply floating by
when i witnessed the crime.

is there no limit
to the evil that men do?

thanksgivin time
for a sacrifice.
you’ll never be free
don’t think you’ll get away
we have eyes in your eyes
ears in yours
knives at your throat
we own you
body & soul.

limitless possibilities await-
thank god for little girls.

thanksgivin time
for flying high
up in the clouds my angels
slip through me-
nobody touches
no body.

in hot pursuit
of the girl who cried rape
torture & genocide.

red hood riding daggers
across the skies.
wolves howl but do not harm.
slinty eyes belong to men
and women,
their laughter
scrapes across raw insides.
no chance to be untainted
no chances for escape
from this prison.

love hate and pain
are all the same thing.


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