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If you are a survivor, please be careful in reading the information compiled here. It is impossible to give information on ritual abuse, and about people's opinions about ritual abuse, in a way that is not upsetting and/or triggering. Only you know how much is wise to read, and how much information you can absorb at one time.

White Supremacy and Naziism

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NOTE: Explores connections between nazi eugenics and U.S. psychiatry

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NOTE: About nazism and the occult.

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SUMMARY: "True crime" format: story of the white supremacist group that killed Alan Berg.

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NOTE: Well-documented. Also contains many pages of research notes and other information that helps the reader find more information about a little-known part of our country's history. For decades, U.S. federal agencies allegedly illegally smuggled thousands of ardent Nazi criminals into our country, whitewashed their dossiers, and placed many of them in high-security positions with corporations, universities, Department of Defense contractors, NASA, and more. Some Nazis with medical knowledge gained from their concentration camp experiences allegedly taught MKULTRA personnel how to duplicate such experiments using the minds and bodies of unwitting American citizens. Many survivors of nazi-ideologic ritual abuse and/or U.S. and Canadian government mind-control experiments can probably find some of their answers to "who" and "why" in Linda Hunt's outstanding book.

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NOTE: Autobiography.

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NOTE: Autobiography

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: Intro: At the mountains of madness - Part 1: The by-paths to chaos: Of blood, sex, and the rune magicians: Volk magic: The occult messiah: The order of the temple of the east: Sex, spies, and secret societies: Cult war 1934-39. Part 2: The black order: The dangerous element: The Ahnenerbe and the cult of the SS: Lucifer's quest for the Holy Grail: The psychic search: for Mussolini, the Bismark, assassins, and the human mind: Cult counterstrike. Part 3: Witches' sabbat in America: Walpurgisnacht, 1945: Aftermath: Is Chile burning? The overthrow of Allende, the murder of Letelier, and the rule of Colonel Dignidad: Nazi occultism today. Epilogue: Hasta la vista, baby. Notes: Bibliography.

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NOTE: Well-written history of the white supremacist movement in America since l960.

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NOTE: Analysis of the occult underpinnings of the Third Reich.

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