A little girl with golden hair
sitting in her rocking chair
Her face is battered ?her heart is crushed
Her bear is tattered
and her cries are hushed
by the man she calls daddy
but her heart calls him evil.

She cries for help
when he is there
He bruises her face
and pulls her hair
She screams and cries
as he thrusts and tries
to rape his little girl
of her innocence

2 A.M.
her heart stops beating
Her soul sings out
but her body lies still
Such fragile hands
and gentle skin
He broke a heart
he could not mend

Many hearts have been broken
and many tears have been shed
Many dreams have been shattered
and words left unsaid
Her favorite bear left tattered
and her body lay dead

with the gift of living
Mend the broken heart
with the gift of giving
Ease the soul
with the angels songs
And sooth the pain<
with the calming rain
Through the eyes of a child
nothing’s impossible
But through the soul of the girl
lies the gift of a child

He sits alone
torn and tattered
He misses her tea parties
and her childish laughter
He misses the girl
who held him close
When things were bad
and she got sad
He misses the child
everyone called loveable
Under the blankets
with her bedtime bear
lays the soul of the little girl
with golden hair

For it was through her
that we see

the gift of a child.