Africa-Centered Religions


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TABLE OF CONTENTS: Witchcraft and Satanism in America — African and Afro-Caribbean Witchcraft — Documented Proof of Satanic Crime — Satanic Conditioning — Islam & Satanism — Child Abuse: Reporting and Handling a Growing Problem — Understanding Sexual Abuse — Guidelines For Schools, Etc. — Teens and the Occult — Santeria and Related Afro-Caribbean Religions — Demonic Possession — Cults — Gangs in America — Child Abuse in Religious Cults and Sects — Destructive Cults

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: Magick: The Cornerstone of the Occult — Occult Motivation — Occult Religions: Analysis of Beliefs and Practices (Paganism: Wicca: Traditions: Group Structure: Customs and Practices: Ritual Tools: Calendar) — Afro-Caribbean: Santeria (Group Structure: Customs and Practices: Calendar: Palo Mayombe: Ju-Ju) — Satanism (Group Structure: Traditions: Customs and Practices: Ritual Tools: Identification of Practices: Deity Catalog: The Language of The Occult: The Subculture of The Occult) — Ritual Sites (Determining the Site: Circles: Pentagrams: Candles: Curses: Book of Shadows: Graveyard Desecrations) — Gathering Intelligence: — Investigating by Computer — Occult Supply Stores — Informants — The Law Enforcement Officer Safety and the Occult.

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NOTE: An anthropologist explores Haitian voudoun, secret societies, and the phenomenon of zombies. No mention of ritual abuse per se, although there are references to Ewen Cameron (who was funded by the CIA).

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NOTE: Short, accurate entries on a variety of subjects. Extensive bibliography, but entries are not referenced.

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NOTE: A Nigerian describes his experience as a priest of traditional and perverted juju, from which Voodoo and Santeria are derived.

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