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Resources for ritual abuse survivors, mind control survivors, their therapists, ministers, families, friends, and researchers. We have been collecting these resources since 1995, so many books are now out of print and many websites are no longer on the Internet. We have listed archived url’s for most of those websites.

Although the page is divided into sections for survivors, therapists, and researchers, you will find interesting material in all three sections.

Back in 1995, it was easy to find all references to ritual abuse on the Internet. Today, a Google search yields over 98,000 entires! Obviously, not all are listed here. If you know of a resource that you believe should be included, please contact us. We also welcome poems and essays on ritual abuse, mind control, and healing. Your input guarantees that this site will be useful to the whole community. Thank you!

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Google Books and Questia

Some books are previewed in Google books and Questia (http://www.questia.com/). On Google, up to about a third of some books is available. Go to Google, pull down the menu under “more” and click on “books.” Enter the book title in the search box. You can also search for an author or a topic. On Questia, some books are previewed and others are avaialable in their entirety. Most of our bibliographies indicate if previews are available.